Whrrl - Noise Pop 2008 Official Web and Mobile Sponsor

In a press release this morning, it was announced that Whrrl.com is the official web and mobile sponsor for Noise Pop 2008. Noise Pop is a staple of the San Francisco indie music festival circuit each year, and this years performers include Minipop, Stellarstar, She & Him, and plenty more. For a full list check out the official Noise Pop 2008 website.

Whrrl Team on the Ground in San Francisco

Starting Tuesday (2/26), members of the Pelago staff (makers of Whrrl) will descend on San Francisco to promote their product at the various Noise Pop events. They will be giving away all sorts of merchandise, including sweatshirts, stickers, buttons and they are also rumored to be giving away some mobile devices as well. This street team is interesting, because they are not just hired guns for this event - they are the people who actually work on bringing the product into existence. Engineering, design, infrastructure and marketing staff will come together to evangelize their product at venues throughout the city.

I flew in last Friday and I've probably already logged 20 miles on foot even with the rain - what a cool place to explore. I'm Danielle Morrill (or Danielle M.) on Whrrl - let's be friends!!


Disclaimer: I work for Pelago, Inc. the company that is proudly bringing Whrrl to hipsters, soccer moms, students, and generally people everywhere. Anything posted here may be biased, self promoting, and quite proud. Anything I see here is my opinion only, not an official statement from Pelago, Inc.


Whrrl Introduces Events -

A quick heads up: I work for Pelago, makers of Whrrl, so this a shamelessly self-promoting, proud, and biased post - ENJOY!

Today Whrrl.com launched a new feature, which allows users to search for events in major cities across the United States. This means concerts, movies, gallery showings, and more - they are all on Whrrl and more importantly they are in your neighborhood, maybe even on your street, just waiting for you to discover them. So get onto to Whrrl, so you can get off the internet, and into the real world!!



Google vs. Microsoft - Antitrust Garbage

Things are definitely heating up over the Microsoft bid for Yahoo! and here I am on the east side (near Redmond, for non-locals) in the center of all this speculation - how can I not blog about it? My husband works for Microsoft, and what neither one of us can figure out is how this is really so much better for the company. True, they will increase their market share in the internet advertising space somewhat - but is taking on Yahoo! (a drifting ship of mediocre leaders at this point) really such a boon?

It has taken years for MSFT stock to rebound and it has been enjoying pretty decent market valuation lately, but attracting the attention of regulators (perverse as it is) isn't going to do wonders for legal expenses that are already through the roof.

It sounds like Google is positioning for a fight and has decided to take a legal angle, taking advantage of the public's previous concieved notion of Microsoft as an evil empire of monopolistic goons. Thanks guys! While Microsoft has openly waged war with Google on commercial grounds, I don't think this particular type of fighting is very commendable. I'd like to see the two duke it out in the open market - and although others don't seem to believe that market can be "open" once Microsoft acquires Yahoo! I beg to differ.

In this article from Fortune: http://techland.blogs.fortune.cnn.com/2008/02/03/google-will-microsoft-monopolize-the-internet/ Google is calling for legal action against Microsoft on the grounds that they allegedly will "extend unfair practices from browsers and operating systems to the Internet" [sic] if they acquire Yahoo! As I write on Blogger, one of the many Google products I love, I find myself disgusted. Of course the word "openess" is getting bandied about as well. If people want a free and open internet then they won't buy Microsoft products. Google has a firm enough foothold in the market that they should be able to convince people of that.

Of course, all this follows speculation in the media and specifically in Silicon Valley that Microsoft's bid for Yahoo! might actually be a GOOD thing for the internet, freeing it from an impending "monopoly" by Google. All this sounds like a bunch of positioning and political nonsense - may the best products and services win in the open market. Let consumers decide.