When did Twittr become Twitter?

I just noticed the name changed. I can't even find a news story on this - every search says "did you mean Twitter" but I know they did that whole vowel dropping thing. What planet have I been on anyway? Well, I'm not a regular Twitter user... what with how busy I've been reviewing places and checking in at Whrrl


Sam said...

I'm trying to find out the exact same thing. I think when I first joined Twitter in 2006 it was called Twittr but nowhere on the internet can I find any mention of this old name except for your post.

My search continues... I'll let you know if I find anything.

Walter said...

You are absolutely correct that it was originally Twittr. Please see the first ever tweets, shown here: http://www.pleaseretweet.com/tech-news/first-tweets-on-twitter/