Southpark Last Night & the Internets

I'm not a regular Southpark viewer, but it came on after the Colbert Report last night and started out with all the characters (I don't know their names) being told by the Mom that they had a few more minutes on the internet before it was time for bed, much to their chagrin. I found this funny, and reminiscent of when I was growing up, other than the fact that there was a 1/1 ratio of people to computers (in my parents house the four of us shared one, 7 years ago). Then, the next morning the household woke in a panic because the internet was down and the family went to their neighbor's house to use theirs - where it was discovered that the outage extended to the entire community. So they rush to Starbucks (this begins to have a Great Depression run-on-the-bank feel), where there is no internet, and then consider going to the Mac store before finding out there isn't any internet their either. 9 days later, they decide to "head out Californy way..." to seek the internet in Silicon Valley. The story continues...

Anyway, the part I found most interesting was actually in the first few minutes when the wife comes into the room to tell the husband he only has a few more minutes on the internet and askes him to "just do one more thing" and then head to bed. After she walks out he says "just one thing?" and then, of course, turns to a quick view of some porn. However, this does make me think about just how much we multi-task when we use the internet. When are we ever doing just one thing? With a tabbed browser I usually have a queue of things to read, look at, look up or track.

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