Before You Toss That Out...

I was thinking about some lifehacks yesterday, as I was about to throw out an old disposable electric tooth brush. Here are some ideas about what you should use an otherwise garbage-can-bound item for, before you toss it out.

Disposable Electric Toothbrush - scrub out the sinks, especially detailing around the drains. You'll never have this thing touch your teeth again, but it sure beats scrubbing mildew and grout with the manual type of toothbrush.

Sponges - cut them up into small strips, microwave them (to kill any bacteria) and use them to clean inside of wine glasses, where a normal sponge is just too big.

Cardboard Boxes - flatten them, and create a mat underneath your car to capture any liquids that might drip, including rainwater (which is usually loaded with oil and road grime), and will stain the floor of your garage or driveway.

Cardboard Tube Inside Paper Towel Roll - make your dog's day, give it to him as a toy but make sure to take it away before he decides to eat the mushy goodness. Skip this last step at your own peril.

Have more ideas about how to get just a little more functionality out of everything? Tell me!

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Anonymous said...

My mother-n-law taught me that when you cannot get any more hand cream out of the bottle to cut it in half with a scissors and get all the cream that sticks to the side. It is amazing how many more times one can use the lotion. There is a lot that sticks to the side that won't come down when you turn it upside down.