Possible Ecoterrorism nearby in Woodinville

Wow, I just read this article from CNN regarding a house on the Street of Dreams that is burning, where markings of ELF (Earth Liberation Front) have allegedly been found. This is just unbelievable that these people do this and it makes me so angry - THIS IS LESS THAN A MILE AWAY FROM US. Having just bought our first big beautiful home together after getting married, I can't imagine what it would be like to watch it burn to the ground (especially with my beloved piano inside).

The Street of Dreams is a luxury home and garden tour that is the most attended in the U.S. and every year we go to get ideas for our own residence and outdoor area. I think people go to tour these incredible houses because it is inspiring to see them and fun to imagine living in them, and I think it is sad to see places like this destroyed.

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