RescueTime I Love You - You Make My Life Better

I just was getting caught up with my other beloved new toy, Google Reader, and found out that RescueTime was part of Y Combinator day this week is funded by Y Combinator. For some reason, I had the impression RescueTime was much further along as a company - considering their product ROCKS MY WORLD and looks so polished. These guys are doing something for personal productivity and time management that is going to make a lot of us more aware of how much time we "waste" and how much value we are getting out of it. Frankly, I was actually proud to see how much work I was doing once I looked at this, it was like getting a pat on the back. I was also surprised to see that my Google Reader noshing isn't eating up nearly as much as I had feared.

I'm a pretty picky user, I send feedback and all that, and I have had such a great experience from beginning to end using RescueTime that I have been telling everyone I can about it. From a time management perspective it is amazing, I can tag the applications I use and sites I visit with things like "work", "email", "news", "social" and then I can also tell it how productive (or non-productive) each tag is.

I love graphs and charts and am a data head, so this has been love love LOVE (!!) at first sight. I can't say enough about it, and I am sure it will only get more amazing as they continue to develop it. Even if it didn't change a bit I think I would use it for a long time, I've never had a tool like this before!

They are in Seattle, just 3 owner/operators.

RescueTime Website: http://www.rescuetime.com/
RescueTime Blog: http://blog.rescuetime.com/


Tony Wright said...

We love you too! [grin]

Thanks for the kind words. When you're at the stage that we're at (happily working away but glancing worriedly at our own bank accounts from time to time), it's kudos like these that keep us energized.

THE YC experience is wrapping up-- and we were farther along than most when we started (along with Heroku)-- but 90% of what you see happened during YC. Pretty crazy how much you can get done when you dig in with a short (ahd horrifying) deadline!

Cheers, -Tony (RescueTime)

Anonymous said...

well, I saw a similar solution called kpimatrix (http://www.suzerein.com) they have a free version as well

rad said...

Just you are I find Rescuetime very useful to everyone in managing time efficiency.I've been using it for a couple of days and it works great and easy to use with no data entry. RescueTime feature automated time tracking that measure which application, website or document that is active being use. It generate reports on where you spend your time. That make me aware on where am I at my goal.