Puppy Coming Home Saturday

I am so excited, because I am finally getting a puppy. He is 8 weeks old and I will be bringing him home on Saturday. He is a chocolate lab, and I'm naming him Rafe. Kevin has been out of town, which has left we with plenty of time to shop for pet supplies without him complaining. I am actually surprised by how stressed out I am about whether I will be a good Mom to this tiny little dog. I'm sure it will be fine, and I mainly just can't wait to get him and snuggle with him and pet him for hours on end. That's probably what I'll do all weekend, while I work with my Dad on building the gates in the backyard.

In other news, I just signed up for the Six Hour Startup Conference on May 31st. I'm looking forward to it on multiple levels. I haven't really gone to any kind of networking anything since I started working at Pelago, mostly because I've been so busy and when so much was under wraps it wasn't much fun not being able to talk to people about what we're doing. This conference will undoubtedly be more fun than the stuffy talks I attended for the Transportation Alliance, Port Authority, Seattle Chamber of Commerce, etc in previous work experiences. The speakers including Tony Wright, co-founder of RescueTime - who I have blogged about here, and whose product I still use daily. Most importantly, I am looking forward to meeting new people. I don't have a business idea to pitch, I am really more in information gathering and learning mode, so it will be interesting to soak as much in as possible and look to make meaningful contact with people that might be resources in the learning process or just interesting to befriend in general.

I promise, puppy pictures soon.


Tony Wright said...

Grats on the puppy!

If you want to be a good mom, I highly recommend "The Art of Raising a Puppy" by the Monks of New Skeet. Fabulous book.

Danielle Morrill said...

Thanks Tony, I'll definitely check that out!