Puppy Has Consumed Life-Sleep-Sanity

As you might have noticed, since I blogged that the dog was coming home, over a week ago, there hasn't been another peep out of me. That's because this little ball of chocolaty goodness is a total time suck! I was expecting that, but I've got to drag myself kicking and screaming (well, not quite) back to the adult (and human) world. In this pic he's running around in our back yard with one of his many toys, keeping us very busy with his high-energy demands for pretty much constant play time.

I'm looking forward to eating at Branzino tonight, a new restaurant opening Belltown. Maybe in addition to scoring the first review on Whrrl, I'll get the first on Y*lp. We'll see.

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D'Laina said...

What a cutie! I can't wait to see him!!!!!